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Máy dò đa năng MetalliScanner® m40
Model: MetalliScanner® m40
Giá tham khảo:
2,600,000 VNĐ
Nhãn hiệu: ZIRCON - USA
Xuất xứ: Mỹ
Lượt xem: 18404 người
Giới thiệu

MetalliScanner® m40 quickly and easily detects metal in wood, drywall, paneling, tile, stucco, plaster, concrete, and other non-metallic surfaces. It locates ferrous (magnetic) metal up to 4 inches (102 mm) deep and non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metal up to 2 inches (51 mm) deep.

MetalliScanner® m40 solves the problem of finding studs in lath and plaster walls. It works by finding the pattern of nails that attach the wood lath to the studs. MetalliScanner® m40 finds plumbing, ductwork, rebar, nails, and screws in your walls, floors, and ceilings, and is great for scanning reclaimed lumber for hidden metal.

MetalliScanner® m40 has two scanning positions, each with a progressive LED display. As it approaches a metal object, the red LEDs progressively light from the bottom up. The top lighted blue coil and an audio tone indicate when a metal target is located.

  • Use Pinpoint Scan to locate small metal objects such as screws and nails
  • Use Wide Scan to detect metal in walls or concrete
  • LED arrays indicate signal strength
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